A healthy cash flow is the life blood of a business. Delayed, poor or non-payment can result in business failure and destroy a business quicker than any other cause. Taking timeous and decisive action against recalcitrant debtors is no more than prudent practice. While this is often handled in house, the assistance Attorneys trained and skilled in the legal aspects of Debt Collection, Liquidation and Insolvency is a vital adjunct to the process.

We has more than 15 years of experience in the recovery and management of debt and debt collection through call centre and by way of court action. We have a fully resourced Debt Collection Call Centre with cutting edge technological equipment and appropriately trained and experienced call centre staff; and qualified legal professionals with competence to undertake debt collection litigation up to and including liquidation of companies and close corporations, sequestration of individuals
What we do
We provide the full spectrum of Debt Collection and Legal Recoveries services in both the High Court and the Magistrates Court. Our Firm is able to manage the collection process from Pre-Legal (through our well-equipped and dedicated debt collections Call Center- BBTE) to Legal Recoveries Collection (letter of demand right through to sale of the attached property and its ultimate transfer a purchaser).

Legal Areas we specialise in
We offer a full complement of legal services to the Road Accident Fund. Our specialised personal injuries team deals with Personal Injuries commercial litigation against the RAF from claimants country wide.
  • Municipal Revenue Enhancement and Collection.
  • Collections of unsecured and secured loans, perfection of bonds, and foreclosures for the following institutions.
  • Liquidation and Insolvency.
  • Collection of educational loans and outstanding tuition fees for private institutions.